Sunday, February 5, 2012

Upon the Shadowed Trail

Upon the trail I walked, curious shadows did avail, for they knew not where I go, so in darkness they stalked.

Midnight in the vale as I stumble, cold weary, wet and frail. Shadows grimace and balk, closer, whispers, desperate for talk.

I stagger, and fall, the twigs like blades, the rocks a dagger; but I push forward, I stand tall.

At last I see an end, a hope in sight. It comes from no God, no saving light. The trail comes to a gate, the end is nigh, my pain so great I beg to die.

But as the brave fail and the Grim awaits, I glance back to the trail, the fear abates. Shadows they be, destination unknown, but it was the walking that changed me...alone.

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